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    Bridal Beauty



      TIME: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM OR 4:30 PM - 9:30 PM


      This accelerated advanced course is one day per week and dedicated to theory learning. Bridal Makeup, being in high demand in the artistry field, demands a keen eye for detail. Our bridal application techniques refine your personal aesthetic and enhance your focus on minute details. Additionally, you'll receive training in Airbrushing 101 and proper tattoo cover-ups. Practical learning opportunities are available during clinic floor hours on Fridays and Saturdays. Students are required to bring their own professional kit for all accelerated courses, but Pro Kits valued at $2000 are available for purchase.


      What you'll learn:

      - Safety, Sanitation, & Infection Control

      - Esthetic Fundamentals

      - Kit Essentials

      - Product Knowledge

      - Skin Prep and Client Consultation

      - How to identify Skin Color & Undertones

      - How to Choose your Makeup Tools and Kit Building

      - Advanced Foundation Matching & Blending

      - Brow Design & Structure

      - Highlighting & Contouring

      - Eyeshadow Placement & Application

      - The Application Process

      - Current Bridal Trend Applications

      - Taking & Editing Photos/Videos

      - Inside the Business of Bridal Beauty


      What you need to bring to class:

      • Your Makeup Kit (product list in confirmation email)


      What you'll receive in class:

      • Highlight & Contour Palette
      • Pro Brush Kit
      • Certificate of Completion


      NOTE: Products are ordered the same day of course purchase resulting in no refunds for courses.


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